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Kasia Sifantus , born in 1986, in Gdansk, Poland. Currently lives and works in London, UK.

Kasia Sifantus is an internationally exhibited contemporary mixed media artist known for her expressive response to the landscape. Her art captures the ephemeral features of nature and explores the expanse of seas, land, and sky.​

Influenced by meditation practices and a profound sense of connection to everything, Kasia's work reflects a deep spirituality. Her various series delve into the power of energy and convey a sense of mystery, hinting at connections to realms beyond the known.​

Through her mixed media techniques, Kasia brings forth a unique perspective on the natural world, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound beauty and interconnectedness of the universe.

Her creative process is intuitive, she continuously strives to uniquely conceptualise her creations, producing artworks that have a consistent flow of energy and rhythm. She focuses on texture and light using water based medium with gold.

Her work was presented at several exhibitions in the country and internationally including Affordable Art Fair, Art Miami, and has found buyers in countries all over the world.



“Every painting is an experience, a celebration of colour and emotions that life unfolds. 

My vision is to invite and inspire the viewers to be more present in life and hopefully, by doing so an understanding will come that we are more powerful than we think. And by coming together and supporting each other, a new consciousness emerges that brings change.

My paintings often start with a landscape and gradually evolve to a more abstract form through building layers and textures, bringing an element of experimentation into every piece. Working intuitively helps me to be more present, focused, and led by the process.

Working primarily with pigments and gold creates both muted and saturated palettes, where light plays such a significant role, changing the appearance of a painting, almost like bringing it to life. Elements of interrupted edges overlap and merge into each other while textures rise and fall, creating captivating depth. 

I hope my work will inspire, and the viewer will connect with the painting, creating an emotional bond with it, and bringing their own vision, or emotion to it. That what is beautiful about abstraction is the interaction with the viewer once the painting is complete.”

Represented by: 


DegreeArt, London

Mayfair Art Circle, London

Fine Art Consultancy Gallery, London

Singulart, France

JJGalloway Studios, USA

SOTA, London

LoCa, London

 Member of the Visual Artists Association.

Art Residency with Contemporary Collective, DegreeArt and Bankside Hotel in London

16th Jan - 5th April 2024​

Past Exhibitions and Events

2024 May: Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London with DegreeArt

2024 April: End of residency solo show with DegreeArt, Contemporary Collective and Bankside Hotel, London

2024 March : Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London

2024 March : Private Exhibition for March Women, curated by Emma Lang from SOTA at Mimosa House, London

2023 October : Group Show, SOTA Exhibition, curated by Emma Lang and Daniel Etherton at ELab 20, London

2023 October - Spring 2024 : 'The Art of Belonging', Degree Art, Bankside Hotel, London

2023 March-May : Spring Group Show, Folkstone Art Gallery, Folkstone

2023 March : Affordable Art Fair, New York

2023 March : Women History Month, 'Through Her Eyes' exhibition at Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, London

2022 December : Miami Art Fair, USA

2022 November - 2023 May : Serendipity I, II, with LoCA at Town Hall Hotel, London

2022 September -2023 February - 'Dreams' solo show at Philglas - Swiggot, Marylebone, London

2022 May : Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London

2022 April - May : Group show, 'A Fine Landscape', Fine Art Consultancy, London

2022 March :  Charity Art Auction, Desa Unicum, Warsaw, Poland

2022 February : Contemporary Art Auction, Chiswick Auction House, London

2022 February : Group exhibition,  Art Auction House Desa Unicum, Warsaw, Poland 

2021 July : Group exhibition, Number 23 Gallery, London 

2021 March : Group exhibition, 'Genesis', The Holy Art Gallery, London 

Achievements and Publications

2023 Longlisted for Emerging Woman Painting Prize Award

2023 Selected for Artists of the Month February by Art from Heart

2023 Art Seen Spring issue Feature

2022 Aesthetica Magazine April issue Feature

2022 Longlisted for Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize

2021 Shortlisted for Visual Artists Association  VAO UK & International Emerging Artists Award.


Works held in private collections worldwide.


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