Kasia Sifantus - (born in Gdansk, Poland, 1986) - self-taught fine artist, lives and works in London, UK. Creates in mixed media, Kasia’s paintings are influenced mostly by the water and the sky, returning often to the blues and golds.   

Growing up in a scenic countryside in Poland, Kasia credits her admiration of the natural world to her early childhood. Living close to the nature provided an early understanding and appreciation of the qualities of the landscape and light that have played the leading role in Kasia’s art. 

Moving to the UK and graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art provided her with deeper understanding of art, however she decided to pursued with interior design and focus her professional working life on it, only to come back fully to painting years after, when settled in London with her young family. 

 Her creative process is intuitive, she continuously strives to uniquely conceptualise her creations, producing artworks that have a consistent flow of energy and rhythm. Her work was presented at several exhibitions and have found buyers in countries all over the world. 




Every painting is an experience, a celebration of colour and emotions that life unfolds.

I create abstract pieces, using primarily acrylic and natural pigments, which I combine with a variety of other media such as metal leaves or rice paper. The gold leaf is one of my favourites materials to work with, it gives a wonderful texture and potential to create captivating depth and shades of colour as it reflects the light. Texture is integral to my work and I enjoy freely evolving this through the layering of materials, developing areas as they emerge.  


My paintings are an abstract memories of experiences of the natural world. I'm particularly drawn to the water and the sky, seeing them as symbols of freedom.

Art for me is a form of meditation and a way to achieve peace, a journey that unfolds different parts of my inner self. 

I hope my work will inspire, and the viewer will connect with the painting, creating an emotional bond with it, getting lost in the composition and colour. 



Exhibitions and Events 

Represented by: 
Mayfair Art Consultancy, London

Fine Art Consultancy Gallery, London

DegreeArt, London 

Singulart, France 

05 - 08 May 2022 - Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London

April - May 2022 - Group show, 'A Fine Landscape', Fine Art Consultancy, London

26 - 30 March 2022 - Charity Art Auction, Desa Unicum, Warsaw, Poland

February 2022 – Artwork exhibited and sold at Chiswick Auction House, London 

February 2022 – Group exhibition at Art Auction House Desa Unicum, Warsaw, Poland 

July 2021 – Group exhibition, Number 23 Gallery, London 

March 2021 – Group exhibition, 'Genesis', The Holy Art Gallery, London 


Shortlisted in top 100 out of 2,000 artists by Visual Artists Association VAO UK & International Emerging Artists Award. 


Works held in private collections worldwide.


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